De arte moriendi

by Toad In Transit



„De arte moriendi“ behandelt die von Elisabeth Kübler- Ross beschriebenen 5 Phasen des menschlichen Sterbens in einem mehrere Lieder umfassenden Zyklus. Den Abschluss des Albums bilden 4 weitere Titel welchen verschiedene Themen zugrunde liegen und vor allem mit dem abschließenden Song „De ars vivendi“ einen sowohl textlichen wie auch musikalischen Kontrast und versöhnlichen Ausklang des Albums bilden.


released November 23, 2013



all rights reserved


Toad In Transit Saarbrücken, Germany

Gestartet wurde Toad in Transit in der Mitte des Jahres 2008 als Zwei-Mann-Projekt der beiden Musiker Henrik Groß und Sebastian Laudwein. Das Spektrum reicht von ruhigen Ambient- und Elektronik-Parts über hymnische Balladen und orchestrale Klänge bis hin zu Trash- und Deathmetal Anleihen die als Untermalung für sowohl cleanen Gesang als auch brachiale Shouts herangezogen werden. ... more

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Track Name: Tomorrow we'll be giants
A year.. a grace of times awake
Distant horizons paint red in bluish fate
How I call the spirit’s wake
Just to keep the months the same

A month… conquer wisdom’s desert plains
The tales I tell you are the clouds that paint the rain
How I wish this night to fade
Just to keep the days the same

A day.. taking steps by the smallest effords made
Near horizons paint black in redish fate
How i pray for spirit’s sake
Just to keep a minute’s wake

A breath… overcome what remains
Rewind, erase, improve, all the thoughts that go undreamt
How I lie for sleep’s sake
Just to keep this second away

In marbles – the sun- waking hopes of what comes
This night is endless
The lines of our lives – drawn by giants hands
A maze from the inside
On the wave that tomorrow brings our ship will turn over
The wake of all things to come may shelter our time left

The taking of time it´s forgiven but mine
There´s nothing thats left now
The lies of our lives will break all oft he shells
And move through the inside

On the wave that tomorrow brings our ship will turn over
The wake of all things to come may shelter our time left

Above and below, there´s a way through the core
But nothing to fight for
A tune on a lute, what has ripped me from you
The coins have been placed now

They divide and shall never stop till nothing is left now
Through the rivers red an the unstained paths – a hell up in heaven

Down where the styx flows there i will be
Forging our life´s fate
So giants we will be

By the banks of lethe the fires are still alight
To hold up your memory
To turn their wrongs to rights
Through the tears of acheron bloods on my hands
To give you the promise
Your feet on foreign sands

The scent of sulfur lines my feet
The darkness everything I see
Your face in front of my worn eyes
All my hope that you will rise

Over time against the will
Hold my tears, descent still
Steps are worn by despair
Can something take you back from here?

There´ll be lies and there´ll be pain
And the structure will remain
Hold your breath count tot en
Empires shatter and all that´s been

Weßre all cold – burned to ice
Off the spring it shall arise
Spread it´s seed to all domains
Cast the splinters – that´s what remains
Track Name: Waving the flags of denial
Hypocrite in white – wisdom by weight of gold
Deny the facts that I can see clearly through you
Among the praying sheep there is the waiting wolf
Denying all the lies of your scholastic throne

Believe me – I will fight against the lies you’ve told me here
Deceive me – I won’t fall to the hordes of thoughtless waste

You’ve cut my wrist open - start the drain
This stigmatized victim – just me to blame
There is no haven – no place to flee
No justified reason left to be
Become divine savior – god in white
Don’t let your own fame out of sight
Your personal guinea pig in wait
With just my hope left as trait

You force me to sign this vow of shit
Led by the lies you’ve fed me with
I cannot deny the fact - I fade
I live in the cage of hype you’ve made

I don’t have trust in you – just myself to blame
The fear of failing at me – there is no piece of shame
You can’t control the lust you feel at my X-ray screen
You are now to decide what kind of saint I’ve been
I feel your venom drop by drop fall into my veins
These are the hours I wish that I had never complained
Beside my crumbling will and pain that holds me down
Oh god, I can’t remember I’ve tried to touch your crown

Misery comes in, drop by drop flush the wisdom in
I feel the devil’s march blistering beneath my skin
My hairs are waste I now know I cannot turn back time
The ferryman’s waiting dows to get his final dime

I can’t breathe, I can’t talk – this can’t be my true reality
Just a dream – I must wake up to face the light of day

Nights fly by – days in waste
Can’t you wake me out of this? The dream in denial
Just a noise outside and I’ll be awake
This can’t be real – It’s all just a fake
I wave the flags of denial
Track Name: No pity for the dying
Is there something beyond this point?
Is there someone I missed to pray to?
Why they live and why do I die?
Why am I punished for a deed I’ve not done?

Can we hear the sound of light?
Passing through the mirror’s infinity?
Life is something we can’t abide
Dying is time’s mockery

I haven’t felt any pity for the dying
Why does no one shed a tear for me?
Nothing’s more senseless than praying
It won’t endow you any time to be

It’s the clock hand and the beat of nature
That is tearing me away from here
I won’t see any sense in dying
When all around me is well and clear
Track Name: Barter
When everything lies calm and dark
No light´s left to light my life´s spark
Darkness embraces what´s left of my time
Close my eyes for the ferryman´s dime
No wealth in life can prepare for this price
Absence of light, ultimate sacrifice

Ultimate sacrifice! I know I will die tonight!
I know there will be no light! Just one final kiss from my bride!

Why am I the one to go? Haven´t I just cleansed my soul?
I led a life devote to faith, why must I face this cruel fate?

Please Lord, give me one final chance.
Please Lord, will you meet my demands?
Grant me, a new start in life to be good.
Give me, hope and all that what I never could.

I´m not ready to face my demise,
So many things that I´ve never tried.
I would carry my soul straight to hell,
If this would swallow the sound of the bell.
A barter for life on a plane high above,
The devil´s cauldron still sits on it´s stove.

Ultimate sacrifice! I know I will die tonight!
I know there will be no light! Just one final kiss from my bride!

Why am I the one to go? Haven´t I just cleansed my soul?
I led a life devote to faith, why must I face this cruel fate?

Please Lord, give me one final chance.
Please Lord, will you meet my demands?
Grant me, a new start in life to be good.
Give me, hope and all thet what I never could.
Track Name: The Shadows Of Our Past Shall Light Our Darkest Days
There’s a time when everything turns to stone
There’s a time of ashes and dust
There’s a time when you are still unknown
There’s a time full of disgust

Come a time when shadows like stars will shine
Come a time the margins are gone
Come time when darkness lights itself
Come a time when you are one

Like a fire takes away its air
Like desires are tearing you down
Like the water grinds the stone to sand
Like the pain inside’s your crown

Like a candle’s flame inside the storm
Like the tolls you’ve paid to be here
Like a wooden chair you’ve been burned upon
Like the plains inside you sear

Oh lord, why don’t you hear me?
I’m trapped in the dust – the tears I left behind
God, have you forsaken me?
I’m trapped here in the deepest sea
Oh lord why don’t you hear me?
I’m trapped here in the dust
And the tears I left behind
Track Name: End titles
So afraid, so unaware
As you’re watching the drops fall by
So detached and unbelieving
As you’re waving the flags of denial

Outside the sun is drawing circles
I won’t miss them at all
The lights enforced my will to sleep
To fade away with the night

Why do you scream?
Why do you cry?
Every world must end
The fragile suns collapse – feeds the pain

And let all the tears
Become the desert’s rain
Every drop that falls will bring all life anew
Carry on this day will end

Come closer, so beautiful
As you’re drying the tears that fell by
Hold tight, for one last time
As you’re sparkling eyes won’t let me go
Outside the night has brought the stars back
I can touch them all at once
The cold converted to warmth inside
As everything’s set to end

Ref 1&2:
All signs will fade
My sight is getting weak
Every word I speak
A humble try to reach
You through time

When the sinus calls
Our time is running out
Every picture kept
A memory of me
Carry on, my way has ended
Track Name: Cast in stone
All the grief and the suffering
It all went so fast
Still begging for the grace from above
But still my time won’t last

As the days pass
As the years fly by
An emotion flows
Even in rivers dry
To my loved ones
To those left behind
Keep your way still
In sight because…

I’ll cast a shadow trough the tears on your face
A guiding light on your darkest days
Beneath the ghostly scheme of earth
A candle retells all the stories unheard
(a candle guides you to my last words – cast in stone…)

What is left is remembrance, my dear
It’s now all you’ve got
If there’s a heaven shine a light from above
To guide your way home
Track Name: Para Bellum / Army of one
Like a fire I’ve walked trough
The scars build my face
Every word you’ve spoken
A burning touch of grace

All the nights full of loneliness
Without signs of any star
Leaving place for the bitterness
Nothing will tear us apart
None has the right to tell me what to do
Here in my world just my will is truth
None has the voice to calm my will to fight
Just my inner self is telling me what’s right

We were born to touch the sun
We are second to no one
We are fallen angels reaching for the sky
We’ll set fire to all lies
We’re a kingdom to arise
We’re a thousand strong – An army of one!

With the strength I’ve gathered
My way is long and bright
All the lights that guide me
Will break the wrongs to rights
With the sun that’s fallen
From a heaven just below
I will stand my ground
Here’s just where I belong
Track Name: The Waterfront Cemetary
We are standing at the ocean
And waiting for the shore
Shall the ark now come
To take us all aboard
For a promise of a better life
A paradise in wait
The blood and tears we left here
What we´ve done was all too late

All the leaders broke their promises
The warning signs we´ve missed
Everything is vanished now
Ironic all this is
We have battled for the sun
And to reach the farthest star
All our backs broke long ago
A new start is to far

We´re the banished and the broken
The heartless and diseased
We´re the dreaming sparks of our desires
Here to reap what´s left and meant to be
The art and wisdom´s grind
We´re the fading sparks of lost mankind

Now the time has come for us to leave
This graveyard isn´t ours
All that´s left is dead and gone
There´s nothing to be done
Cause we burned our beds in heresy
And preached this words divine
Futile thoughts and sacrifice
To an old decaying shrine

No leaders left for promises
No warning signs to miss
Everything died in our hands
Cheerless all this is
We have battled our own specie
Black and white we´ve killed
No life will grow on wasteland´s soil
Drenched in blood we once spilled
Track Name: Psalm 11:3
Beside the past, Beside the faith
Vows of dependence, too maculate
The times of truce, a partial pact
The bonds are dying, so fuck this fact

This is my war, my aim, the trigger pulled
A mass destructive rage to end this world
To set an end to this fucking loveless tale
There is no truth behind, I am betrayed

Go fuck your life, your worthless shape
I will ignore it, no more to take
Because you’re worthless, a life of lies
Count the stab wounds you’re dying by

Can you explain how I feel?
The screams and bleeding are so real
Nothing can change the way I chose to walk
Beneath the halo of my shells
my psalm – only war it sells
a savior to reap the souls of all who pray
Track Name: De ars vivendi
Can you feel how time flies
From the arms of your mothers grace to strange heights
You need to believe all the dreams stained
From here out through time´s what your heart learned

Raise your glass – we´re the heavenly blessed
From grief to hope – our hearts are obsessed
Raise your voice – praise the heavenly blessed
We´re bound to this life till the day we shall rest

And you´ll grow old – ever wiser
Those were the days – they survived us
We´ve held our hearts above our minds waste
The time that we spend had a sweet taste

Ref 2:
Raise your head – till the end is in sight
Take what you get – there´s no way that´s right
Raise your glass – for a final salute
We were heavenly blessed – now the time has been used

And now that time outlived us
We´ll keep all our dreams in our new blood
One final march to our deathbed
To praise times gone – raise your head