Celluloid Burns

by Toad In Transit

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Includes The Video Clip of "Celluloid Burns"!


released December 12, 2014

Words & Music by Henrik Groß & Sebastian Laudwein
Produced by Henrik Groß, Sebastian Laudwein, Nils Vogel



all rights reserved


Toad In Transit Saarbrücken, Germany

Gestartet wurde Toad in Transit in der Mitte des Jahres 2008 als Zwei-Mann-Projekt der beiden Musiker Henrik Groß und Sebastian Laudwein. Das Spektrum reicht von ruhigen Ambient- und Elektronik-Parts über hymnische Balladen und orchestrale Klänge bis hin zu Trash- und Deathmetal Anleihen die als Untermalung für sowohl cleanen Gesang als auch brachiale Shouts herangezogen werden. ... more

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Track Name: Celluloid Burns
Are you there - in the light?
Dancing shadows – none so bright
Memories of you captured on celluloid
Kept in boxes – the attic’s mind
The lamp’s flicker – the reels in turn
What keeps you here – the celluloid burns

Ref 1:
While you’re sleeping
In the darkest nights above us all
The light starts your dancing
And your heartbeats by the reels will start

Dead by day – alight by night
I keep you sleeping when it’s too bright
But my memory fades with time
Distant pictures – merge to one
Keep you running – on and on
I cast your soul on celluloid
Ref 2:
While you were sleeping
In your darkest nights beneath my hands
Alone I’m breathing
Since your voice has ceased so long ago

You are still dancing
By electric lights and my own hand
Buried beneath
And above you are alive on celluloid
Track Name: Ctrl-Alt-Del
I have a trunk full of friends
For the young and the old
Maybe an M-16 or a six barrel colt

I am dressed like the others
Wearing a suit and a tie
Or have you ever seen a killer who’s wearing a fly

I mow you down
You’ re all the same
Employee of the month, bringer of pain
I spill your blood
Your brain’s on-screen
I make your coffee with sugar and scream

Who’s laughing now, ha ha ha, sorry
This joke’s on you, finally, I win

In my lunchbox, there’s an apple
To keep the doc away
But also there’s a C4 to blow you all astray

I brought you a lovely cake
With an almond like taste
It will make you shiver first, but with foam it goes away

On the chair your’re standing on, there’s a post-it that reads “kick me”
Hang in there, still on-line, there’s no more work in progress
With the cable ‘round your neck, You wished you had gone wireless
Now I’m chairman of the board