by Toad In Transit

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Consisting of 2 new songs and alternative renditions of older tunes "Beyond" marks the transition from the past to the future.
Additional information on the tracks itself can be found added to each track.


released December 21, 2016

Recorded 2011-2016
All songs by Toad In Transit
Mix and Master by H.G.
Produced by Toad in Transit



all rights reserved


Toad In Transit Saarbrücken, Germany

Gestartet wurde Toad in Transit in der Mitte des Jahres 2008 als Zwei-Mann-Projekt der beiden Musiker Henrik Groß und Sebastian Laudwein. Das Spektrum reicht von ruhigen Ambient- und Elektronik-Parts über hymnische Balladen und orchestrale Klänge bis hin zu Trash- und Deathmetal Anleihen die als Untermalung für sowohl cleanen Gesang als auch brachiale Shouts herangezogen werden. ... more

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Track Name: Tears From Beyond
As the dawn breaks its way through the top of the trees
As the crows start to gather to the life that’s beneath
The dew lines the void where your eyes once saw sun
Like tears from beyond – it just had begun

One night to remember – a life to regret
As the seasons wither away all you’ve had
Inside of your dreams – inside of your heart
Life’s an illusion to tear you apart

All alone – you’ve ceased to be
Under leaves and snow’s coldest tears
They’ve searched all around – there’s nothing they’ve found
Just the nameless whispers of trees
Let the worms start their feast
Under clouds so distant and free
The summer’s so cold as you wait for the fall
To give you a blanket of leaves

And the years have passed by and you fell out of time
Your shadows and ghost remained in their lives
The pictures they kept like a deathmask it seemed
As the seasons wither your beauty that’s been

A life to remember – one night that’s unknown
All those final steps you took down from life’s throne
The moon held your hand as your soul left this world
Beneath the red stones – your cries still unheard

All alone – They’ve ceased to be
Under stones engraved with your tears
They’ve searched all around – but you weren’t found
Just the nameless whispers of trees
Let time start its feast
Under heavens so distant and free
Their lives have gone cold as time took its toll
To give you a blanket of tears
Track Name: Until The Stars Come Down (Heavy Rock Version)
We started to conquer
The shores of our minds
But at dusk we’re frightened
Of the dark to come
Society’s open
Expelled all their fiends
But darkness’s just scattered across this world

This is a time of hope still fading
Of our gods in absence wailing
We are the dead, we are the damned,
We are the lost ones
Our future broken by our greedy hands crush
Science casts an illusive safety
We’re doomed and we walk though we can’t
The essence of god is a blinded child
In the cold of the night our final embers start
to fade

Speak to me
Assembled by light and dreams
A god as dead, a god as blind
As all we are
Lie to me
Born out of filth and fears
All logic’s dead, all words are said
To your deaf ears

We buried our last childs
Born through greed and faith
All love’s been embittered
By this modern age
All prayers are romance
No god’s written law
Shall time now heal us?
From our own face we saw
Track Name: In Silico
Track Name: Papa November (EVP Remix)
Track Name: End Titles (2016)
So afraid, so unaware
As you’re watching the drops fall by
So detached and unbelieving
As you’re waving the flags of denial

Outside the sun is drawing circles
I won’t miss them at all
The lights enforced my will to sleep
To fade away with the night

Why do you scream?
Why do you cry?
Every world must end
The fragile suns collapse – feeds the pain

And let all the tears
Become the desert’s rain
Every drop that falls will bring all life anew
Carry on this day will end

Come closer, so beautiful
As you’re drying the tears that fell by
Hold tight, for one last time
As you’re sparkling eyes won’t let me go

Outside the night has brought the stars back
I can touch them all at once
The cold converted to warmth inside
As everything’s set to end

All signs will fade
My sight is getting weak
Every word I speak
A humble try to reach
You through time

When the sinus calls
Our time is running out
Every picture kept
A memory of me
Carry on, my way has ended
Track Name: Cellar Door (Cinematic)
Track Name: The Lake (2016)
Down, to where the sand lies
Running through a darkened landslide
Tears like rain from your face
Foul innocent ground
The cries left unheard
A mute voice never found

Gloomy lights mark your way still
Shaping antics of your fate’s ill
Downward to the waterline
Delusion of your night
The ghost is watching still
Beneath the silver light

And there the stars, they shine so bright
You look for answers in this night
But they´re so silent
Are just glowing shades of grey

And when all sorrow turns to sand
Made by your very hand
In this desert, your life’s mend
You are parching without a chance

Failing will of swimming on
You’re the cosmos’ shattered spawn
You can´t live, you can´t stand
The fear you feel

And the waves keep crashing by
This will cause a rising tide
The ghost’s hand
It will show you how to dive

Feel the failing ground here
A torment that may hold you here
Snow, of the summer’s coming storm
Your will’s still unborn
Let the ghost touch your face
A spark, a fallen grace